Case Studies

High Performance Teamwork

Client scenario: A financial services firm asked its 500+ New Jersey employees what sort of training and development opportunities they would like to see offered. Nearly two-thirds identified “team development” as either “desirable” or “very desirable.”

The company brought in three firms to conduct pilot programs before selecting the Cradlerock Group to offer our Building High Performance Teams workshop to its New Jersey offices.

Based on the Team Performance Model developed by David Sibbet and Alan Drexler, this workshop focuses on a “map” of seven stages that can help organize a team’s thinking around successful teamwork: orientation, trust, goal & role clarification, commitment, implementation, high performance, and renewal.

Building High Performance Teams includes modules around each of these seven key stages. Each module begins with a fun, hands-on problem-solving exercise which highlights the key issue at the heart of that phase of a team’s development. Structured discussion after each exercise highlights both the central challenges associated with each stage and the strategies best-suited for attacking those challenges.

Once the workshops built around these modules were launched, Cradlerock also created a custom tracking and ROI solution that developed concrete examples of where the new team framework was being applied in the workplace. The solution included specific metrics and a dashboard with clear reports that were used to link the learning program back to specific team based outcomes that had improved dramatically since the program began.

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