Case Studies

Leadership Development Curriculum

Client scenario: A global manufacturing company decides to consolidate leadership development into a standardized curriculum for managers across the entire organization.

Cradlerock developed a series of six workshops that form the core of this new initiative. Each workshop is three to five days in length, and the total package covers a range of critical management competencies including performance management, coaching skills, team development, and high performance leadership. The workshops are designed to be taken in sequence over a two year period beginning at hire or promotion.

Each workshop uses a range of cutting edge learning technologies including action learning experiences, structured small group dialogue, theoretical modeling, and focused planning for application back in the job. In addition, customized case studies, assessments, and multi-rater feedback tools are carefully used to create real feedback for program participants. In addition to workshop design and delivery, Cradlerock’s program management service is used to provide critical infrastructure support. Inventory management, documentation, class enrollment, participant feedback, and benchmark reporting are all key pieces of the overall learning strategy and execution.

After five years, this pipeline is now a central part of the business culture. Senior leaders who have graduated from the program share stories about the impact that these skill building experiences have had on their careers. Managers look at the program as a competitive advantage, and newly promoted associates view an invitation to the program as a reward and gateway to future opportunity.

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