Case Studies

New Employee Orientation

Client scenario: A consulting firm was struggling with large amounts of new staff and no consistent process for onboarding and induction. The company was growing, global and had reached a critical mass where the lack of a centralized program was…

Cradlerock worked with internal partners to determine key requirements on three different fronts. First, clear processes needed to be established and communicated for new hires. Second, there was a desire to ensure that the company culture was more firmly established with new staff. And third, there was interest in helping new associates rapidly develop a global network of peers that could enhance the ability of the entire organization to work as a single, cohesive team of professionals.

The resulting program included a series of communications and learning tasks that launched as soon as a new employee received and accepted an offer letter. From there, classes were organized and run on a regular basis that deliberately included a cross section of functions, geographic centers, and professional backgrounds to enhance the ability of program participants to develop personal relationships.

The program also included a deep commitment by senior leaders to attend and share the history and culture of the firm. Cradlerock partnered with these leaders to create facilitated discussions about the key values of the organization with every single new hire and program class. The result was a rich, memorable experience for both participants and company leaders who were constantly re-visiting the most important aspects of the company culture in a joint program environment.

Finally, Cradlerock helped to facilitate robust, 90 day personal development plans for every participant and ensure that associates were connected with appropriate mentors within the business. Participants were supported throughout the process and have consistently reported back that this was one of the most memorable and powerful professional development experiences in their careers.

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