Learning Support

Cradlerock handles the logistics and support burden for the training function at several of our largest global clients. These contracts typically involve supporting large scale curriculum initiatives involving multiple workshops delivered across broad geographic regions. The rationale for outsourcing the administrative load for these workshops includes the tremendous time and resource burden required to handle execution of any sophisticated learning strategy.

The specific tasks which regularly fall under this work include:

Program Logistics Support

Our people, processes, and tools will ensure that the support function for your programs is flawless. We have a full time, dedicated support team that can manage the entire back office function of your training department including:

  • Full inventory management and shipping for training materials
  • Copying and binding class materials
  • Site selection, travel and on-site meeting management
  • Managing class enrollment
  • Disseminating pre-work to participants
  • Managing scoring of pre-work assessments and instruments
  • Constant communication with class participants to answer enrollment questions
  • Constant communication with site resources to ensure targeted participation
  • Managing participant and instructor feedback
  • Benchmarking and documenting the results of participant and instructor feedback
  • Updating and maintaining ongoing budget records

Learning Program Documentation

One of the most critical components of program design is the documentation that ensures consistent delivery and ongoing process improvement. Cradlerock works with you to ensure that your materials are up to date, comprehensive and professional. Our facilitator leader guides document every moment of program delivery, flip chart managers ensure that your classroom visuals are colorful and clear, and participant learning logs give your attendees the tools they need to engage their personal learning experience both in the classroom and beyond.

Communities of Practice

One of the most powerful ways to support ongoing development is to help participants stay in contact with each other after the program has formally ended. Maintaining and facilitating ongoing learning communities is a key part of our client support.

Leaders Developing Leaders

Cradlerock regularly partners with clients who want to integrate their senior leaders into their management training channel. We have a unique approach to working with and supporting your leaders so that they can focus on sharing their expertise without spending a lot of extra time on the mechanics of delivering the program.

Marketing Learning Programs

A well-designed program requires an equally well-designed internal communications strategy. We know how to market your programs to your people to ensure that your training investment is fully realized and supported throughout the management population of your organization. From print and electronic materials to written and video testimonials from past participants your internal communications campaign will drive participation and support throughout your company.

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